Life at BAJAAO – Part 2

By September 24, 2015

With our last blog Life at BAJAAO, we unveiled the faces working with us, helping us grow every minute to help you pursue your dream for music. BAJAAO runs by creative maniacs, no doubt about that, but we want you to meet one of them in particular. Rajesh Joshi has been a part of BAJAAO for a long time, he overlooks the company and gives his extremely helpful insights about the market with his love for music and a profound sense of business! Read what he has to say about his journey over the years with BAJAAO. I always aspired to play a musical instrument. Like everyone else, I too, had a desire to form a band & dream of being a rockstar. When I joined BAJAAO in 2010, I was an outsider to this industry. I was the 5th member & then the only non-musician in the team amongst India's leading musicians with dreadlocks. For the past 5 years I have been part of BAJAAO's evolutionary journey. From 40 sq. ft. office to 4000 sq. ft., 5 to 50 people team, 1000 products to over 10000, 5000 to over 150000 satisfied customers, From starting the 1st Jam Room in India to starting an underground Live performance venue, From a sound rental company to doing India's 1st metal show, BAJAAO has grown. We are not “JUST ANOTHER ME TOO” e-commerce Company but we do take pride that is arguably India's oldest running e-commerce company. BAJAAO is the favored 1st choice of our customers. Musicians choose us, because they trust us. We have worked hard to earn this trust & we will work even harder to maintain this trust. BAJAAO has an ethos & philosophy of doing their best for musicians, artists & performers. Not many times you get an opportunity to earn a livelihood and make a difference. Working at BAJAAO gives me this opportunity, BAJAAO has made a difference in its own way to the music scene in India & brought change in this industry. An evolutionary journey like BAJAAO's encounters many challenges. When we face problems, we just work harder & smarter AND don't give up till we solve them. For me it’s been a fulfilling journey, we have fulfilled desires, dreams and wishes of our customers. Fulfilling dreams leads to success. I inherently believe that it’s IMPORTANT a company from INDIA like BAJAAO continues to succeed. BAJAAO success symbolizes India is ready for change & there is growth in unconventional industries, markets. This growth is due to Disruptions done by Entrepreneurs & people working in companies like BAJAAO. BAJAAO epitomizes the spirit of entrepreneurship which is that a young person can dream & merge his/her greatest capabilities to create a Vision/Mission for all to follow. Congratulations to Ashu on the 10th anniversary of BAJAAO. BAJAAO, a place where you can fulfil your dream and pursue your love for music.

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