Ode To Danny Gatton: A Tune To Practise Hybrid Picking With Thomas Berglund

By June 03, 2015

In this tune I'll show the melody and the solo. There are two video lessons to the tune. In the first one I'm playing the tune and demonstrating the melody. And the second video is a lesson with the guitar solo. Hybrid picking is finger picking with a pick instead of the thumb but you can of course play finger picking with the thumb in this tune as well. The middle and the ring finger is the most common to use for finger play in hybrid picking but the little finger is also available to use. The 1st phrase in the melody is this one:
In this phrase you'll play the melody with the middle and the ring finger and the bass line on 5th and 6th string with the pick. You do the same with the phrase on D7 but with double stops in the melody and the bass line on the 4th and 5th string.
The phrase in the 1st bar on the E7 chord that's in the tabs below you'll play with the pick on the 4th string and the middle finger on the 2nd string. It's a short bluesy phrase in the 2nd bar and the A part ends with a turnaround where you play with the pick on the 4th string and the middle and the ring finger on the 1st and 2nd strings.
The B parts 1st chord is D7 and the notes/tabs is below.
It's a roll going on here and you'll play with the pick on the 4th and 3rd string as a bass line and with the middle finger on the 2nd string. The next chord is F with the same roll and you'll play on the same strings as on the D7 chord. With the same roll and strings the G and the E7(#5) chord continuing the B part!
You'll find the tabs/notes to the melody here. Below you'll have the video lesson on the solo and you'll find the tabs/notes here to it. I'll show the whole solo in the video lesson and below there are some of the hybrid picking phrases. The first phrase I'll show is this one in the 3rd/4th bar.
Here you'll play with the pick on the 3rd string and the middle finger on the 2nd string. You'll also mute the 3rd string with the left hand on the tones C# (3rd string, 6th fret), C (3rd string, 5th fret) and B (3rd string, 4th fret). The next phrase that's in the 10/11th bar is a arpeggio phrase where you'll roll with the pick, middle and ring finger in triplets. The chord is D and you'll roll upwards the chord that's a effective way of moving a chord from one position to another on the fretboard. If you're not used to do this you should start to practice it in one position and when you get the speed into it you'll change position as in the solo phrase. The phrase is below in tabs/notes.
The 3rd solo phrase I'll show starts from the 17th bar and it's a chicken picking phrase.
Here you'll play with the pick-middlefinger-pick on the 4th string and with the middle finger on the 2nd string and move the phrase in 6th upwards the fret board. It should sound between muting and playing on the 4th string. This is a feel thing where you find how much you should mute the string when you have practice it for a while. If you're not used with chicken picking you should start in a slow tempo and work up the speed to it. Watch the solo video lesson for more hybrid and country picking phrases. I hope you find some stuff in this tune to be useful and my recommendation is to start in a slow tempo and speed it up a bit at the time. Another recommendation is to listen to Danny Gatton. For me he's a master of the style and everything he has recorded sounds great in my ears. Good luck! About the Author: Thomas Berglund is a musician that has played in many different styles through the years and he has his heart in music with improvisation. He also work as a guitar teacher and have a YouTube channel with guitar lessons, releases and concert videos. Here's Thomas' guitar lessons website. Feel free to subscribe to his YouTube channel to get the latest from Thomas.

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