Pedal Power – Six Vibe Pedals

By November 26, 2015

pedal-vibe Although the original was designed to emulate a rotating speaker, the vibe pedal quickly made its own voice in the world of guitar. Jimi Hendrix, Robin Trower, David Gilmour, and countless others have used this effect to create classic tones and riffs. Here are six great-sounding, distinct versions, each with their own thing. Check them out. TC Electronic Viscous Vibe — Deeply modeled, like the rest of the TonePrint pedals, and ultimately tweakable, it lets you easily load different presets from TC that are crafted by pro guitarists. MXR M68 Uni-Vibe — With a compact, straightforward design, it is easy to navigate and gives you exactly what you’d want in a vibe pedal, plus true bypass switching. JHS Unicorn — This all-analog, photocell modulator has many modern features, including tap tempo and a 4-position control for quarter note, eighth, dotted eighth, or triplet subdivisions. There’s also an input for either an expression pedal or external tempo slaving. Electro-Harmonix Good Vibes — This pedal features an analog, photocell design with boosted internal power rails for more headroom. Korg Nuvibe — Designed in conjunction with the original Shin-ei Uni-vibe creator, Fumio Mieda, the Nuvibe painstakingly emulates Mr. Mieda’s original CdS photoresistor circuit with a network of 79 transistors. Nuvibe is a spot-on re-creation with the addition of 10 sliders to adjust the shape of the modulation waveform. Fulltone Custom Shop MDV-3 — It has the same signal path, preamp resistor, and photocells as the original with an internal voltage doubler for higher headroom and wider dynamic range. The convenient format puts all of the controls right at your feet and keeps the design pedalboard friendly.

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