PRS Guitars Ranges & Models- All You Need to Know

By Kailash Pate December 11, 2022

PRS Guitars are popular for a reason. They're made to the highest standards and built with exceptional quality, which means they'll last for years to come. Whether you're looking for a guitar that's versatile enough to handle all your needs or something more specific like an acoustic-electric guitar or bass, there's something from PRS here too. Below is our guide to the range of PRS Guitars so you can find the perfect one for you
PRS offers a wide range of guitars and accessories. The company manufactures all their electric, acoustic and acoustic/electrics in the USA at their Maryland factory. PRS also manufactures effect pedals, cables and other accessories in-house as well.

Range of Electric Guitars (SE Series, Core Series, S2 Series)

PRS Guitars are popular for their quality and versatility. The company has a large range of models to suit different styles and budgets, including the SE Series, Core Series and S2 Series.

SE Series

The SE Series electric guitars are made with the highest quality materials, and they're tested to ensure that each one is up to the high standards of PRS. These instruments are built for tone, playability and reliability. The SE (Special Edition) is a lineup of signature models created by guitarists who have played an important role in shaping how we think about PRS guitars. Each model comes with distinctive appointments that make it stand out from other SEs.

Core Series

The Core series is the entry-level range of PRS guitars and an excellent choice for beginners looking to get into the world of guitar playing. The Core series features a variety of different styles, including both semi-hollow and solid bodies.
The great thing about these guitars is that they're decent quality yet affordable. This means that you can use them as your main instrument or as a backup when you need something to play with friends or at functions.

S2 Series

The PRS S2 Series is a high-end series; it is one of their most popular models, and you can choose between two distinct body shapes: single cutaway or double cutaway. The double cutaway has more versatility and looks more like a traditional electric guitar, but the single cutaway is for those who prefer something lighter and more comfortable to play on stage.

Range of Acoustic Guitars

SE Acoustics Series

You may be wondering what the SE Acoustics Series is. The SE (Special Edition) guitars are designed to offer the best possible features at a more affordable price. Additionally, they’re made from select tonewoods and feature high-end appointments that make their models truly special. This series includes:

SE Angelus Acoustics

These guitars are crafted with scalloped X bracing for maximum volume and projection, as well as PRS pickups for rich tone. Perfect for live performance or recording, these instruments are built with a sound that can fill any venue or studio!
PRS Angelus Guitars :

SE Tonare Parlor Acoustics

Touted as being “the finest parlor acoustic ever offered by PRS”, these highly sought-after guitars offer a unique combination of comfort and playability while retaining outstanding quality throughout every aspect of construction—from its solid top & mahogany back & sides design!

SE Tonare Grand Acoustics

This model has been called “the best grand auditorium acoustic guitar money can buy!” due in part because it boasts premium tonewoods such as mahogany sides & back with African ebony fingerboard/headstock overlay design details along with pickups so you can get an amazing electric acoustic sound too!

Effects Pedals & Accessories

PRS Guitars effects pedals are designed to be used with a wide variety of guitars and amps. They are lightweight and compact, so they can be easily carried around.
The pedals are easy to use and very versatile, which makes them an ideal choice for musicians of all skill levels. The pedals produce sounds that range from classic to modern tones, making them perfect for any genre of music that you want to play.
PRS Effect Pedals :

PRS Built Quality

If you’re looking for a guitar that will last a lifetime, PRS is an excellent choice. The guitars are built with attention to detail and a high standard of quality. They are built to last and be played. And if you do happen to get one of their guitars, it will probably be your only one for life!

Why PRS Guitars are so Popular

PRS Guitars are popular due to their quality, craftsmanship and range of guitars.
  • Popularity with Musicians
Musicians have always been drawn to PRS Guitars due to their high quality and craftsmanship. You can find your favorite guitarists using the brand like Carlos Santana, Neal Schon from Journey and Mark Tremonti from Creed. PRS Guitars were popularized by these musicians who played them on stage for years, but now many other guitarists are starting to use them as well because of their reputation for having great tone and playability.
  • Popularity with Bass Players
PRS has recently started making bass guitars that have an amazing sound which has made them very popular amongst bass players looking for something new or different from what they normally play on gigs back home at church etcetera…

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PRS Guitars are a popular choice for many musicians due to the quality of their product and the durability of their guitars. They have been around since 1985 and over that time they have gathered an impressive following. If you are looking for a new guitar then check out the PRS collection.

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