Seven Reasons to learn a Ukulele

By November 14, 2016

6-1When planning to learn to play a musical instrument, most folks tend to start from fairly easy ones, although mastering a certain instrument takes a lot of practice and dedication. The most common instruments chosen are drums, keyboards, Cajón, and good old guitars! However, many people are unaware of the Ukulele. It is much similar to an acoustic guitar but smaller in size, can be as fun as a guitar, or sometimes even better. Here we have Seven reasons why learning a Ukulele might be the best thing you do this year. 31) Ukulele is a perfect instrument in case you on are a bike trip or traveling. You just throw it in your backpack and you are good to go. Imagine trying to do that with a cello, guitar or a piano? This makes the ukuleles extremely portable. Planes, trains, cars, buses, and boats—there’s no limit to where you and your uke can travel. You might forget you’re even carrying it. 4 2) The ukulele is probably the least intimidating musical instruments out there. You don’t need to get a music major to pick up the ukulele—you don’t even have to be able to read the music sheet. A uke has just four strings, compared to six on the guitar, so the chord shapes are much easier. Also the fact that ukuleles have soft nylon strings as opposed to steel guitar strings won’t make you contort your fingers into odd shapes or give you calluses. There are a so many easy songs to learn on the ukulele using only two easy chords. For example, Joe Cocker classic, “Feeling Alright” only uses C and F. 5 3) It's a fact that Ukulele’s and fun always go hand in hand. Not only is the ukulele a fun instrument to play, but from a tonal standpoint, it’s a fun instrument to listen to and hear. Different types of ukuleles have their tonal differences, but there is something playful and soulful about how a ukulele sounds and plays. Leave the door of your dorm open while you strum—you’ll have people walking past and smiling or even wandering in to say hello. And you’re not just confined to indoors with a uke, you can take it wherever you go. Jam out with friends by the lake or find a nice place to sit at your favourite hangout and spread the feel-good vibe. 74) Ukuleles are relatively inexpensive starter instruments. A cheap ukulele can be purchased for under Rs.3000, and even expensive well-made ukuleles are not as expensive as some other instruments. The cost of consumables like strings etc is also much lower with a Uke! 25) It’s impossible to be sad while strumming the ukulele—the sound is so soothing and joyful that you’ll find yourself smiling after the first few plucks. From rocking out with friends to jamming by yourself in your room, the ukulele is a huge stress reliever and a great way to forget about the stresses of college for a few minutes. 1 6) The Uke possesses an excellent ability to bridge musical cultures across the world. Ukulele players and their instruments are everywhere. You never know when you’re going to find a ukulele in a store or make a new friend when you find out you have this cool instrument in common. Once you get a few basic chords down, random sing-alongs will happen. There are tons of local groups you could join for jamming and fun Uke sessions as well as worldwide online communities which you can be a part of . 7) The list is actually endless, we could give you 101 reasons to learn and play a Ukulele. Right from the Uke being a great conversation starter to rediscovering your inner child or relieving stress but we would love to hear from other Uke owners or to be owners on what attracts you to the Ukulele ! Post your reasons in the comments section below .

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