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By June 20, 2015

With the last blog, we wrote extensively about Stagg Products, explaining about how good Stagg Products are for you. All of the products made by Stagg is made by particular accuracy, making them the best in lot. But what is really the best Stagg Product for you? With this blog, we will be focusing on finding the perfect ‘Guitarist Essentials’ that are considered as the ‘best’ and will help make your gig easier, better and the best! For a guitarist, it is not only important to have a good guitar, but it is also quintessential to have perfect accessories for your guitar, only then will you find the nirvana of the perfect gig. If you are looking for accuracy, durable and precision, the following Stagg Products are your ideal partners. Ideally efficient for your guitar’s safety, Stagg allows your guitar to be secure while it helps to give an intense professional show of greater intensity making it an ideal partner for your gig.
  • Stagg BJA006BK Nylon Guitar Strap 2”: The most essential partner to your guitar is an ideal guitar strap. A guitar strap not only comes in handy to any guitarist but keeps your guitar safe while you are on the stage. Stagg Nylon Guitar Strap speaks of perfection that is required to keep your guitar safe. A classy black nylon strap by Stagg is precise and lightweight making it extremely easy to handle and use. Stacked with simple, yet sophistication features that helps you make a style statement on the stage, Stagg BJA006BK Nylon Guitar Strap is your perfect partner for a gig!
  • Stagg SG-50 BK Tripod Guitar Stand: Keeping your guitar safe is of utmost importance, which is why every guitarist must have a tripod guitar stand. Stagg SG-50 BK Tripod Guitar Stand is exactly what you need during a gig. Fortified with folding legs, this stand makes a ‘must-have’ for every guitarist’s equipment. While this sturdy built guitar stand from Stagg is not only durable, it also adds a style statement to your stage!
  • Stagg GUH-WNOVA Guitar Wall Hanger: Guitars represents not only a guitarist’s talent for music but also his pride. And the best way to mount your pride is to hang it on the wall where people can see and appreciate your beautiful guitars while it stands strong! Which is why Stagg brings to you, the sturdy, durable GUH-WNOVA Guitar Wall Hanger, made with precision along with a soft foam covering and the strong metal horseshoe arm to provide ultimate comfort and support!
Stagg Products are efficient, affordable and easy to use! Bajaao definitely recommends Stagg. Now you can buy Stagg Products on – Stagg’s official distributors in India.

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