Bajaao Recommends - Laney LX-10

By June 22, 2015

It takes the right instruments and the right practice to make a novice into an expert, for a beginner who is learning to play guitar, Laney offers you just the thing! An ideal twin Channel 10 watt, robust Guitar Amp from Laney is a perfect companion for your gig, with three equalizers (Low, Mid & High) gain and quality Volume Knobs. With black metal corners and gloss metal grille, this light weight amplifier with rubber feet has 1x6” custom speakers and one stereo output and one CD line input, that makes it a must have for all the musicians! Laney has been making amplifiers for more than 40 years and have a reputation for reflecting precision in their products. Laney LX-10 is exactly what the company stands for. Precision and efficiency. The amp is loud enough for indoor gigs and equally capable of a great outdoor jam. With clean channel plain and sonically characterless, this amplifier doesn’t over do anything unnecessarily. With a good guitar, this amp sounds like an expensive amp but with great features and affordability! Great for playing classic rock and other genres too, Laney LX-10 goes well with all your choices. Durable, sturdy and easy to transport, this amp makes an ideal partner for the road. Laney LX-10 is made for resilience. The grill on the amp and rubber acts like an amour plate. The input and output knobs are rock solid and firm securing from any mishaps during the gig. A perfect beginner’s amp, ideal for practicing, Laney LX-10 is available on a steal at Bajaao! The usual available price on any other online site is anywhere above 5000, whereas Bajaao gives you an opportunity to get this perfect gig partner for a straight Rs. 3900! Gear up for your gig with Laney here, only with Bajaao - Now go play!

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