The Ultimate Delay Pedal from BOSS

By November 26, 2015

DD500 Featured Image With the DD-500 digital delay, BOSS is delivering an incredibly cool effects pedal — perhaps the ultimate delay pedal! The DD-500 provides you with 12 distinctive delay modes yielding everything from basic echoes to lush spatial textures and spot-on emulations of vintage delays. The DD-500 is packed with tons of unique, musical delays. You not only get the expected assortment of digital delays, but you also get warm-sounding analog and tape echoes, pattern-based effects, and idiosyncratic (but very useful) delay lines that utilize pitch shifting, filtering, and all sorts of modern effects. The DD-500 also provides you with convincing emulations of classic hardware, such as the Roland SDE-2000 and SDE-3000 and the BOSS DD-2. Add to that a phrase looper for creating compelling layered performances, customizable control settings for real-time expression, and 32-bit/96kHz processing throughout, and it’s clear that BOSS is setting the bar quite high with the DD-500. The DD-500’s economical design layout and durable construction make it a great stompbox to add to your pedalboard.

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