The Weeknd Has Released A Really Expensive Vapouriser That Plays 'The Hills' When You Turn It On

By November 30, 2015

You wanna be high for this. The Weeknd has brought out his own vape and it costs a dizzying $325. It's a Pax 2 model, the kind favoured by stoners in the know, though costs $45 more than Pax 2 vapes that aren't endorsed by ladykillin' R&B badlad Abel Tesfaye. Ah, but wait. The Madness Tour Limited Edition – named after the tour hooked around the Weeknd's latest smash-hit album Beauty Behind The Madness – does have a special function: it plays a ringtone version of his song 'The Hills' when it you turn it on. So that's definitely worth it.

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