Vault Avanti 88 Key Digital Piano with Weighted Keys

By Kailash Pate October 20, 2022

The Avanti 88 key digital piano is a state-of-the-art instrument that delivers the sound and feel of a real acoustic piano. As its name suggests, it features a total of 88 keys (with pedal input). To help keep the Avanti compact and lightweight, the keyboard is made from "soft touch" plastic rather than wood. This design allows for more freedom when placing speakers inside the instrument while also adding to its modern aesthetic appeal.

Vault Avanti Design

If you're looking for a piano that would fit in with your decor, the Vault Avanti is a good choice. It's compact and attractive, with the added benefit of being portable if need be. With 88 weighted keys and an onboard speaker system, you can play your favorite tunes wherever you are—whether it's in your living room or on the go.

The Look

When you look at the Avanti, it's evident that Vault put a lot of time and thought into the design of this piano. The body is designed to make it easy for students to pick up and move around when necessary, but it also looks very modern. You'd be hard-pressed to find any other digital pianos that are as sleek in appearance.

The Avanti 88-Key Digital Piano is not just for students either; professionals love this piano as well because of its simple yet elegant design which makes playing feel more like an art than a chore. In fact, some prefer playing on the Vault over their acoustic counterparts simply because of how nice they feel while performing!


The piano has a total of 88 full-size, weighted keys which feel very similar to an acoustic piano. The key weighting is perfect for both beginner and advanced pianists alike. This makes it an excellent choice for all levels of players from beginners who are just learning how to play the piano, up through intermediate and advanced players who may want to practice on more difficult pieces.

The key action is also semi-weighted which simulates the feel of an acoustic grand. The response rate on this digital piano allows for great dynamic control and expression when playing music.

Size And Weight

Size and weight are important considerations when choosing a digital piano. A large instrument may be hard to move, especially if you have stairs or narrow hallways in your home. On the other hand, a small digital piano might not offer enough keys for a full range of musical expression.

For this reason, many manufacturers make digital pianos that are adjustable in size and weight. For example, the keyboard can be removed from its stand so that you can place it on any flat surface such as your dining room table or even your bed! This will allow you to use an 88 key digital piano anywhere--at home in your living room or out on the road at gigs or competitions--and still maintain a high level of playability with all 88 keys being weighted properly for accurate touch response!

Weighted Piano Keys

Weighted keys are a big deal in the world of digital pianos. They give you the feel of playing an acoustic piano and can make a world of difference to your playing experience. When you press down on a weighted key, the hammer inside hits a string which in turn produces sound. The heavier weighting causes the hammer to move slower than non-weighted keys, resulting in more responsive touch sensitivity and better control over dynamics (volume).


The sound quality is good, especially for the price. The built-in speakers are excellent, but if you want to use headphones, you'll need to get an adapter for it.

The variety of sounds is quite nice, with 680 tones and 600 rhythms (including classic pianos such as grand piano and electric piano). It also has 128 note polyphony which means there will not be any dropouts even when playing more complex pieces.

This digital piano is great for both beginners and advanced musicians because of its versatility. You can change the sound using multiple parameters such as volume, reverb and chorus/ensemble/vibraphone effects so that your music always sounds exactly how you want it too!


The Avanti 88 has two speakers that are located on the left and right sides of the keyboard, respectively. The sound quality is surprising for a digital piano in this price range. The speakers are loud enough to fill any room, but they don't tend to get distorted when cranked up. If you're using headphones though, you'll want to turn them down a bit before plugging them in—the volume can be too high if you don't adjust it first!


The control panel is located on the left and right side of the piano. It is easy to use, but not very large. You can use it to adjust settings for your sound, rhythm, key sensitivity and more.

Music Rest

The music rest is a great feature for beginners. It's a solid and sturdy stand that keeps your music in front of you, saving you from having to flip through pages.


The Avanti also comes with a full complement of accessories including a power adapter, sustain pedal and music sheet rest. The digital piano comes with a u type metal stand as well so you can start playing the digital piano out of the box.

Color Options

The Avanti 88 Key Digital Piano is available in three colors. The most common color option is black, and this is the one we recommend. In addition to being the most common, black digital pianos are also the most versatile when it comes to matching with other furniture or decor in your home. White digital pianos are also very popular options because they look great and will match just about any style of home décor (especially modern). If you're looking for something a little less common but still works well with many homes, then you might want to consider brown as your color choice!

The Avanti 88-key digital piano from Vault is a great option to consider if you’re looking for a piano that is compact, affordable and sounds good. The keyboard features 88 weighted keys which are ideal for those who want to play their favorite songs with realistic action during practice sessions or performances. It also has an impressive variety of tones available so you can find the right sound for your musical needs - whether they be classical or modern music styles!

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