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Ride Cymbals

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If you are an experienced drummer, you're picky about your ride cymbals. If you're a novice, take it from the experts—you should be picky, too! This cymbal is a vital piece of any drum set, delivering the well-known sustained sound that musicians and fans alike have appreciated since the dawn of contemporary music. When you're dealing with such an important instrument, high standards are a good thing. Unlike the brief, fading sound of a crash cymbal, the ride cymbal produces a lasting tone that 'rides' with the music. Available in a broad range of sizes, these cymbals offer plenty of tonal options and volume levels that make it possible to accentuate any drum set or band composition. In conjunction with the hi-hat, the ride cymbal is a percussion essential that contributes immensely to your overall sound. No matter your individual style, there is a variety of ride cymbal to suit. Whether you're putting together your first set or looking for an upgrade, the right cymbal is out there for you. Call our experts to find out the best product to suit your style and need at the lowest prices in India.