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Auditorium Design & Consulting

BAJAAO is a leading consultancy and turnkey service provider in the field of auditorium design in India. Specific areas of consultancy are Auditorium Acoustics, Audio-visuals, Line of sight & seating, Stage craft and stage Lighting. Our consultants have a total experience of more than 120 Auditoriums (110 completed & 12 ongoing Auditoriums.

Speech-clarity, true reproduction of music & Audio-Visual programs are the things for which the auditorium is always built for where acoustics and A-V system plays a very important role. Acoustical behavior of any auditorium is a physical property of that hall & can only be controled by proper acoustical treatment. Proper acoustical design of any space needs:

1. Detailed calculations of reverberation time over a wide spectrum of audio frequencies.

2. Detailed study of modal & resonance frequencies.

3. Choice of Acoustical material based on their performance across the whole spectrum.

4. Proper positioning and Installation methodology to achieve the desired performance.

5. Choice of Acoustical reflectors to achieve the desired acoustical gain.

6. Choice of Acoustical diffusers to scatter the sound to achieve diffused sound field.

7. Along with this internal acoustics, control of sound transmission, from outside to inside & vice-versa to achieve required noise levels & acoustical comfort.

8. In Electro-acoustics (A-V system),a properly designed Audio system, which involves selection of equipments, design, location & direction of speaker-boxes, when installed, enhances the performance of the auditorium giving clear and absolutely natural sound quality.

In short, acoustical treatment of any place is a carefully designed combination of Absorption, Reflection & Diffusion fluently merged with interior aesthetics, in a noise controlled envelop. Acoustical designing &/or problem solving definitely needs technical expertise & experience in the field.


  • Computerized Acoustic Testing and Measurements
  • Acoustical Design
  • Acoustical treatment
  • Sound System Design
  • Architectural and Auditorium Stage Lighting Design
  • Seating Design
  • Musical instruments and stage equipment
  • Ventilation and Air Conditioning Design

If your institution or organization wishes to construct an auditorium, or wishes to acoustically treat or equip your existing auditorium, please email auditoriums (at) bajaao (dot) com and we will arrange for a meeting to understand your requirement. We also undertake auditorium projects as part of a consortium.