Our goal is to eradicate the gap between the performer and the audience, making audiences feel every performance through an elite and congruous audio system. We provide careful attention to detail with our industrial professionals providing you the best customer support and help you obtain the best sound from your equipment. With our helpful assistance from the planning stage to the professional functioning, you can visualize achieving your dream Auditorium.


Recommended for: Performing arts spaces, auditorium concerts and plays
Solution: Installed sound systems, public addressing systems

Whether it's a pre-recorded track or a live instrumentation, we come up with holistic solutions to cater to both situations.

Speech-clarity, true reproduction of music & Audio-Visual programs are the things for which the auditorium is always built for where acoustics and A-V system plays a very important role. Acoustical behavior of any auditorium is a physical property of that hall & can only be controlled by proper acoustical treatment.

If your institution or organization wishes to construct an auditorium, or wishes to acoustically treat or equip your existing auditorium, we can always help you out.


Keshavrao Bhosale Natyagruha - (Kolhapur - Maharashtra)