BAJAAO Community Guidelines


BAJAAO was created for musicians. All musicians. No matter your skill level or genre, we have something for everyone. We believe that the passion and diversity our users bring to the BAJAAO community helps us all grow stronger as we learn and play together.

Since BAJAAO’s central tenet is creating an environment where all musicians feel safe and welcome, as a user of BAJAAO’s online platforms, you serve as an extension of BAJAAO and an individual ambassador of our community. To the extent that if you become a volume buyer, seller (or both) on the platform, your name will be synonymous with BAJAAO and people will associate you with our name. We take this responsibility seriously and we hope you will, too.

To help you understand this better, we’ve outlined below BAJAAO’s brand standards that you agree to uphold as a member of the BAJAAO community. These guidelines aren’t meant to stifle self-expression or creativity, we welcome the unique talent and creativity you bring to the table.

However, as a brand that values inclusivity, authenticity, and the right for every musician to feel welcome on our platform, it's important that our users uphold similar values on - and off - the platform.


We believe in music as the ultimate form of expression, and we’re proud of the steps that we take to ensure that all musicians feel welcome to explore, buy, sell, be inspired, and continue to express themselves with the help of BAJAAO.

We work hard to ensure that community members of all races, genders, religions, creeds, political affiliations and backgrounds feel safe and included. As a result, BAJAAO does not support content on or off its platform from users who:

- Promote or glorify hatred towards people based on: race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, gender, gender identity, disability, sexual identity or sexual orientation. (“Protected Classes”)

Termination of a User Account

At any time and for any reason, BAJAAO can choose to terminate the relationship between a BAJAAO and a user for violations of this Code of Ethics. By using the BAJAAO platform, you agree to the terms of this Code of Ethics.