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Charan Singh Pathania

Charan Singh Pathania plays guitars for Mumbai thrash metal band Providence. He’s also a singer-songwriter and a solo performer who plays beautiful acoustic music under the moniker Charan.


Gear He Uses:

Ibanez RGIT27FE-SBF.
Fractal Audio Axe-FX Ultra
Line 6 Pod HD500





Ever since I started to play in my first band, Chronic Phobia, I have always seen BAJAAO go that extra mile for bands and musicians. Right from NOC to B69 and BIG69. My faith in the company was further reinstated when they hooked Providence up with our Ibanez endorsements and these sweet sounding Ibanez guitars when we really needed an equipment upgrade! They have always been there for us through the thick and thin of playing in an underground circuit like metal. It's nice to know someone's got your back.

My Ibanez Iron Label RGIT27FE is a great sounding guitar that rips out the monster tone I use with my band, Providence. It is the kind of heavy I like, with just the right amount of mid overtones. I am very satisfied with the results I get onstage and to be honest it has only gotten better as I have spent time with the guitar. The EMG 707 active pups and neck through body make this guitar a must buy for anyone who wants to add the heavier low end, 7th string, B note element to their metal or their music in general.


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