Cinema Sound

BAJAAO is a turnkey provider of cinema sound in India. Since the introduction of the first 'talkies' in India the 1960s, sound has played an increasing important part in the overall 'Cinema Experience'. Modern films are often supplied with a number of sound formats including Dolby Digital, Dolby Analogue, Sony Dynamic Digital Sound and DTS. Our role is to get the best from the sound system – by matching the best cinema speakers to your cinema hall. Whether you are a single cinema owner or operate a multplex or a chain of multiplex, we will provide you with an optimal solution at the lowest cost.

Sadly, a lot of cinema owners, exhibitors, and distributors in India have not understood the importance of good sound in the overall cinema experience and we find many cinemas with average or substandard sound, which is disappointing as most modern films from Hollywood and Bollywood have excellent sound design and require high fidelity and an excellent 5.1 surround system to do justice to the soundscape.

BAJAAO provides the following services and products:

  • Cinema sound system design
  • Dolby and DTS Processors
  • Alcons Audio 3D Speaker Systems
  • Ampliifers
  • Music Distribution Systems
The cinema market is on the brink of a new era; the digitalisation of media has now also entered the cinema experience. The long-awaited Digital Cinema "non-compressed" audio standard brings new opportunities, but in order to meet the intentions of the standard, new thinking is required..
Alcons Audio's R&D has taken up the challenge implementing her know-how to design new cinema sound solutions from ground-up to enhance the Digital Cinema experience.
Alcons' pro-ribbon transducer technology enables a non-compressed 1:1 reproduction of the movie soundtrack, from the most delicate vocals to even the largest explosions. The unusual high peak power handling cater for a 1:15 dynamic range.
The minimum sound quality level that we think is acceptable for Digital Cinema in India is 6-channel surround sound, which is equal to or better than what theatres have today. For example, the Qube Cinema format actually has 8 channels of 24-bit 48KHz or 96KHz sound and best of all, this sound is uncompressed so it is even better than DTS and Dolby Digital! At this time, Alcons Audio pro-ribbon transducer technology completely supportss the playback of non-compressed sound with a 1:15 dynamic range.
Using a Dolby Digital (otherwise called AC-3) sound track or an MP3 or AAC sound track in the server is definitely not considered sufficient quality. Even Dolby Laboratories who make their own Digital Cinema Server do not use Dolby Digital sound on their Server! And MP3 and AAC are the formats used on consumer music players such as the popular iPod! Surely, you wouldn’t consider it sufficient quality for your cinema -- but that's sadly what some Digital Cinema systems in India use!
The evolutionary designs of Alcons Audio go beyond HiFi sound quality with digital dynamics; Amplifier/speaker synergy (enabling low-impedance speakers with effect of long speaker cables actively compensated), coverage control (less variation in front-to-rear SPL + wider stereo coverage), space economy (designs as slim as 7"/17cm!) and performance reliability (no blown-up speakers) are other important design parameters that are taken into account.