Music Schools

We facilitate students with well-equipped audio systems classrooms, public addressing, etc. We also aim to provide integrated audio systems for the growing music schools across the country, looking for a one-stop solution. 


Learning made simple with unmatched audio systems and solutions

Recommended for: Jam rooms/music schools

Solution: Musical instruments and PA systems, production software and integration, soundproofing acoustic treatment.

Whether it’s learning an instrument or studying sound recording and reproduction, we provide user-friendly and manageable systems that ensure to deliver the desired output. Recommending solutions keeping the needs of the future generations in mind is something we strive to achieve. At institutes where the understanding sound is fundamental, we provide consulting services, complete acoustic treatment and a reliable system installation that will ensure no interruptions in learning. We want to make sure to use the most suitable sound solution for your needs. Our diverse portfolio and expertise in providing both the solution and the gear to support it give us that cutting edge.

I) True School of Music (Mumbai) : Music Institute (Sourcing and procurement of Musical Instruments

II) BTC-HRC Music Institute (Badlapur-Thane) : Music Institute (Consultancy, Sourcing and procurement of Musical Instruments)

III) R&B Studios and Music School (Mumbai) : Music Institute (Sourcing and procurement of Musical Instruments, JAM Room setup)

IV) Blue Timbre Music Institute (Bengaluru) : Music Institute (Consultancy, Sourcing and procurement of Musical Instruments)


Training ears from the beginning

Recommended for: Schools, Colleges and music rooms
Solution: Addressing systems, music equipment, classroom sound systems and dedicated routing system solutions.

Education institutions are taking measures today to improve the overall experience for students. Education is constantly evolving and we’ve stepped in to give the best audio solution, be it classrooms, rehearsal spaces or halls, performance spaces or conferences.  

National Institute of Technology (Rourkela - Orissa)

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