Hotels & Restaurants

Whether it's the soft guitars playing in the lobby or the bass driven sound of the discotheque that gets your feet moving, it is this feeling of excitement that makes it extraordinarily special. As most of the Indian clientele are huge music aficionados, hotels constantly strive to prove an ultimate experience by providing the best music and Audio experience to their customers.


Recommended for: Hotels, 5 star hotels, restaurants.
Solution: Touring and Installed sound systems

We at aim to provide sound system solutions to suit hospitable environments, and low SPL(sound pressure level) sound output facilities to avoid any disturbances at places where conversations should go uninterrupted. In the competitive market today, no hotel would like to be left behind by not investing in professional sound systems. A good professional audio system adds to the overall ambience and looks of the Hotel while also successful creating a positive impact on the customers.

Whether it’s a family of three or a group of crazy cricket patrons engaged in the match, everyone should have a good time. We bring sound systems and solutions that assure there’s no compromise on sound in both extremes. We support you with learning how to run these systems smoothly as well.

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