Jordan Veigas

Jordan Veigas is the former bassist of hardcore/progressive metal band Reverrse Polarity, who came to national prominence after winning Channel V Launchpad in 2009. He’s also a producer who has worked with many local bands under the Jordan Veigas Music Productions label.


Gear He Uses:

Nektar Impact IX61 61-key MIDI Controller Keyboard
Ibanez SR705 Bass Guitar
Warwick Thumb 5 NT
Boss ODB2 Bass Overdrive Pedal
BossTU3 Chromatic Tuner Pedal
Ampeg SVT3 Pro Head
Ampeg SVT Classic 4x10 Cab
urman Power Conditioner.


I have always placed my trust with BAJAAO right from the beginning and they have always delivered swiftly. Everything from my stage gear to my recording studio has been from BAJAAO and the after sales service has been great. I am happy to be a close friend of BAJAAO.