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The club is popular, the staff is talented and the clientele beautiful. All that is needed is a high quality music system, which can both make or break the image of the club you've spent your life working on. Getting right sound for the Nightclubs is very important and is often overlooked.

We at Bajaao.com take pride in providing very high quality competitive services and devise best possible solution for your club. We undertake Installation of high quality sound systems, lighting and audio visual equipment that meet the needs of Nightlife with elegance and fill it with an aura of quality at any venue. Walk into a club where the music is rich in highs, has a  well-defined midrange, thundering bass, and an great overall dynamics only with Bajaao.com's professional Nightclub Solutions. We aim to provide best-in-class equipment, without compromising on the precision and clarity of the end results; that too without having to break the bank.

Recommended for: Pubs, Nightclubs.

Solution: Public address systems, Acoustic treatment, DJ Gear, Installation.

It’s important for your customers to feel and experience sound on a special occasion, a date or whenever they choose to visit your nightclub. Translating the emotion of a song or a feeling is a difficult task, especially when you are looking to make it sound ideal. We provide robust, reliable and foolproof sound solutions to suit a simple dinner or the hottest party in town. Make your nightclub the one place people look forward to.

With the explosion of the Indian entertainment industry and the rapid transformation of town into cities and cities into sprawling metros, this is probably the best time ever to invest in the food, beverage and the entertainment industry. If you're starting a nightclub, we can probably help you with one of the most important factors in its future success - GOOD SOUND!

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Case studies

Kala Ghoda Pub & Bar (Mumbai) : Pub Setup (Sound setup)