Sidharth Kadadi

Zygnema guitarist Sidharth Kadadi is one of Mumbai metal’s most celebrated axemen. A Musician’s Institute graduate, he’s been playing guitar for the past 10 years. Currently a guitar teacher, he has also worked as a guitar product specialist with Bajaao in the past.

Gear he uses:

Line 6 Pod HD500
Dean Dime Shadow Electric Guitar
Di Marzio D'activators on the Bridge
Laney IronHeart IRT 120 Full stacks (Live)
Laney IRT Studio
Line 6 Pod X3
Jim Dunlop Crybaby GCB95 Wah pedal
Digitech WhammyV-01 Guitar Pitch Effect Pedal
Dunlop Heavy Core Guitar Strings (10 - 48 gauge)
Focusrite 2i4 Audio Interface.