Pro Mark Drum Roll Finger Wrap and Stick Tape - Black

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  • Pro Mark Drum Roll Finger Wrap and Stick Tape - Black

    Drum Roll is a flexible and breathable gauze-type material that can be applied to literally any striking implement. It can also be applied directly to the fingers in the case of hand drummers to protect against rubbing and friction and is safe for sensitive skin. It sticks to itself, but not the surface to which it is applied, thus eliminating the possibility of a sticky residue common to some other gripping tapes. Drum Roll can improve your grip without changing the characteristics of the stick. It works regardless of perspiration. One layer will not alter the characteristics of the stick or you can build multiple layers for maximum 'gription'. Drum Roll is 25mm wide and 13.7m long and is enough to cover 10 sticks.

    • Protects fingers against rubbing and friction.
    • Flexible, breathable. Sticks only to itself
    • Improves grip without changing stick characteristics
    • Use single or multiple layers for maximum 'gription'
    • 25mm wide x 13.7m long. Enough for 10 sticks



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