Red Witch Famulus Distortion Effect Pedal

Red Witch Famulus Distortion Effect Pedal

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Servant to the Sorcerer

"Alchemy is a bridge between Earth and Heaven, matter and spirit, the solid and the fluid, the visible and the invisible, bringing the horizontal and the vertical together." ~ J. Ramsay.

The Famulus is a distortion/overdrive pedal with two totally separate, parallel circuits inside. Each circuit has itÕs own distinct voicing. You are able to blend between the two for any conceivable combination.


Controls the overall output of the device Ð the output of both circuits are controlled in parallel by this control.


This is more like a presence control than a tone ( donÕt ask they didnÕt call it presence) Ð and like the volume dial both circuits run through it Ð a parallel tone control! (Presence control Ò Be quiet manÉÉ you told them it was a tone controlÓ). Ans tt works backwards, by the way.

Gain A:

This sets the distortion/OD level of the first circuit Ð itÕs a really biting, crunchy sound with masses of dynamic scope Ð set it really low and the guitar sounds almost clean, wind it fully clockwise and youÕre suddenly moved to uncontrollable head banging, power chording, 8th note chugging, metal. Yessssssssssss....!

Gain B:

This sets the distortion /OD level of the second circuit. This one is bitey too but it has a mid range punch and spank. Like itÕs brother, Gain B can clean up and then get down and dirty when turned clockwise.


This is where things get rather interesting. The alchemy control enables you to blend between to the two separate circuits Ð Fully anticlockwise gives you only Gain A, fully clockwise gives you only Gain B. Set it anywhere in between and you are now creating your own unique combination.

Now try this: set Gain A to a really clean setting Ð around 7 oÕclock, then set Gain B to a dirtier setting, round 12 oÕclcock, now set the Alchemy control fully counter clockwise. Now play Ð youÕll just hear the clean sound of Gain A. Now gradually wind the Alchemy control around clockwise Ð to say 9 oÕclock Ð LISTEN! Clean and dirty! Dial up any variation of the two channels and their respective gain levels - an almost limitless palate with which to create your own unique sound!

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