Ultracoustic Ultra Pad Pro Recoil Stabilizer

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The Ultracoustic Ultra Pad Pro Recoil Stabilizer Acoustic Sound Isolation Platform helps achieve optimal audio performance. The lab-tested and scientifically engineered Recoil Stabilizer eliminates unwanted levels of resonance and helps promote the flow of 'clean' speaker sound projection from your speaker. Stabilization, isolation and absorption gives your audio frequencies free-flow ability with deeper and more natural bass clarity. Simply place your speaker on top of the acoustic stabilizer and fill the room with more accurate and crisp sound. Unlock true audiophile performance with the Ultracoustic Ultra Pad Pro Recoil Stabilizer Isolation Platform. Sold as pair.

When your studio monitors sit directly on a stand, desk, or floor, they transmit vibrations that cause the surface they are on to act like a lower-frequency speaker. Ultracoustic Ultra Pad Pro Recoil Stabilizer separates your speakers from their intended stands, stopping the transfer of vibrations. This is called decoupling; it helps you mix more accurately without false low frequencies. You'll be surprised by how much better your mixes will playback on other systems.

Ultra Pad Pro Features:

  • Includes (2) Universal Speaker Recoil Stabilizer
  • Assists in Achieving Optimal Audio Performance
  • Helps Promote the Flow of 'Clean' Speaker Sound Projection
  • Reduces Vibration & Unwanted Audio Resonance
  • Stabilizes and Isolates the Speaker
  • Effectively Absorbs Bass Recoil
  • Made of High-Density, Engineered Durable Materials
  • Simply Place Your Speaker on the Ultra Pad Pro
  • 'Laser Precision' Machined Top-Plate
  • Anti-Slip Rubber Speaker Base Pad
  • Suitable for On Stage or In-Studio Use
  • For Beginner and Professional Acoustical Applications
  • Universal Compatibility with Virtually All Speaker Types
  • Works with Studio Monitors, Subwoofers, Loudspeakers, Shelf Speakers, etc.
  • Used by Musicians, Instrument Players, Performers, Sound Engineers, DJs, MC’s, etc.
  • Maximum Speaker Weight Limit: 30 kgs.
  • Size (L x W x H): 10'' x 8'' x 2''
  • Shipped Weight: 6.1 kgs.
  • Sold as: Pair
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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
good buy

im glad i purchased these, they are wonderful and i also own a pair of isoacoustics but these ultracoustic ultra pad pro works better

love this product

Best for isolation your speakers, I'm using it to isolate my home theater subwoofer and its doing an amazing job.

Best speaker platforms available in India

recently purchased the ultra pad pro and boy it works like a charm, as soon as i put them under my monitors the response changed by 90%. The low is so much more clearer and the mids and highs much much crispier. loved this product!