Ultracoustic UltraTrap Broadband Bass Trap

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  • The UltraTrap from Ultracoustic is a 24” x 48” x 7” broadband bass trap designed to effectively control bass as low as 80Hz, while simultaneously controlling frequencies that extend well above the threshold of human hearing.
    Three acoustic principles are employed to help the absorber achieve its aims. High frequencies are absorbed with a fabric covered 3" thick high-density front panel, while behind the panel is a deep air space to reduce low-mid and bass frequencies. A heavy mass membrane that is suspended within the frame and left to vibrate absorbs bass.
    As a Broadband Bass Trap, the UltraTrap not only helps control bass, but also helps in eliminating flutter echo, standing waves and tightens up room acoustics. The end result effectively expands the size of the listening sweet spot while reducing ear fatigue, and makes the UltraTrap particularly valuable for those working in small to medium sized rooms.

    Ultracoustic UltraTrap Broadband Bass Trap Features:

    • High Performance wall or corner mount bass trap
    • Suspended membrane absorbs bass down to 80Hz
    • High-density front absorber controls highs & mids
    • Ideal for small to medium sized rooms where modes cause problems
    • Combination 3-way broadband absorber
    • Controls the boom in the room
    • Can be corner mounted or wall mounted
    • The perfect bass trap for small rooms
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