How to Get Rid of Your Guitar's 5 Biggest Enemies

By April 30, 2016

Your guitar is not just an instrument. It indeed is a precious piece of art, a keepsake of your passion for music. Because you love guitar playing so much, it becomes your sole responsibility to keep it safe and sound. If you do not treat your guitar with proper care, your instrument might not last long. Maintaining and cleaning your guitar is not a leisurely choice, it is an absolute must! There are a lot of reasons why your guitar needs cleaning. We give you a guitar’s 5 biggest enemies. 1. Humidity A guitar’s worst enemy is excessive humidity. When there is too much moisture in the air, it gets on to the wood of your guitar, causing swells. This directly affects the tone and playability of your guitar. There might be eventual shrinkage as well. Humidity also disintegrates the quality of your strings. The higher the humidity, the faster the strings get rusty and tarnished. Tip : Store your guitar in a hard case, where it is not exposed to extreme moisture. Avoid using sweaty hands on the strings because that corrodes the strings in a jiffy! Also, remember wiping them with a cloth after you are done playing it. Keep changing the strings from time to time, if you are regular player. If not, take it out of the case at least once in a month, to let it “breathe”. You can also invest in a Humidifier, to keep a check on the humidity level in the air. 45-55% humidity is the most your guitar can combat! 2. Temperature Unbalanced temperature can have disastrous consequences on your guitar. Warping is the most common after effect of harsh temperature conditions. When it is too hot, the glue joints tend to weaken and there might be cracks seen on the surfaces. On the other hand, extreme cold temperatures damage the look and finish of your guitar.
Tip: Make sure your guitar stays miles from any direct heat source. Hard cases are recommended because they do not absorb heat too soon. Purchase a Digital Hygrometer, which helps you to track the temperature. Ideally, a guitar should be stored between 72-75 degrees Fahrenheit. 3. Warping Your guitar might start getting out of shape after a few years. It often gets bent and twisted in the due course of time. This is called warping, and happens due to the changing climatic effects. Tip: Try to store your guitar in a dry place. This is the only solution to longer durability of your guitar. 4. Abrasive Cleaning Abrasive cleaners containing bleaches, lacquer thinners and heavy metals can cause severe harm to your instrument. Never settle for cheap cleaning products.
Tip: Choose a cleaner that suits the wood of your guitar. Domestic cleaning products are an absolute No-No! Always research and learn before you put the longevity of your favorite instrument at stake. 5. Manhandling Treat your guitar like a piece of antique, not a toy! The more you play it, the better it sounds. But that doesn't mean it is dropped and knocked around too many times.
Tip: Go easy on it! Repairing or refinishing your guitar should be done after proper speculation by its manufacturers. Do not let your guitar fall an easy prey to these mishaps. Make your investment count! You can also check out some great guitar bundles, electric guitars, bass guitars, guitar amplifiers and the specially curated International Guitar Month collection.

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