How To Be a Pro Air Guitarist

By Kailash Pate May 01, 2016

There are things in our everyday life that keep us tied up; work, relationships, bills you have to pay and so on. And then there are things that transcend above all this. Important things that we don’t realise we’re ignoring. It’s time that we get out of our daily hustle and indulge in far greater things. Yes, it’s time you learn how to be a PRO Air Guitarist, because life is too short for regrets.

For those of you who for some unfathomable reason don’t know what playing an Air Guitar is all about, I shall take the pain to explain. It’s a form of movement in which the artist mimes playing rock and roll or metal songs on an electric guitar made of air. This usually includes solos and riffs expressed with exaggerating motions of strumming and shredding. It is also accompanied by vocal simulation of a distorted electric guitar. By the time you’re done reading this, you won’t require those intensive modules and manuals for techniques on Air Guitar. Nor would you have to hire an expensive teacher. Here are some insane practices and tips that will get you air shredding in no time:

1. Find the right taste in music The first thing you need to do to improve technique is just listen. You need to understand that you CANNOT air guitar to a Bieber song nor can you rap your way out of it. It’s time to ditch the hip-hop playlist and get some Metallica in the house. Because when you air guitar, you air guitar and Nothing Else Matters.


2. Get your stance and positioning right Playing an instrument needs a little discipline. You need to mould your body to get used to the rigours of playing an air guitar. Just spread your legs a little wide and bend your knees. Now, put your right hand just above your crotch and your left hand like you’re lifting a virtual dumbbell. Most importantly, your head should be spontaneous enough to know when to headbang and when to look at the appropriate air fret.

3. Take inspiration and learn from actual videos There are many videos on the internet that have captured the essence and feel of this art. Visual training is always better than text instructions. It doesn’t necessarily have to be an instructional video, you could also play a live music video and just go with the feel and flow!

4. Put the lights out in your room Put the lights out in your room, crank the volume all the way up and just air guitar your way through the darkness. You need to embrace the feeling that this art gives you. There’s nothing better than the ‘on stage feel’ to get you up and rolling your way towards ultimate air guitar playing.

5. Pick out your favourite solos Just pick out your favourite solos from your favourite tracks. This is because it’s probably easier that way because you’ve heard it thousands of times, watched it a hundred times, remember it by heart and have been humming it in the shower for who knows how long. You need to hear the music from your ears, feel it in your heart and let it air-electrify your arms.



6. Add some humming and singing The best way to give your air guitar playing the ‘X Factor’ is to hum and sing along on your riffs and solos. I find it awesome to hum the whole guitar solo out. For example, if you’re singing a Metallica song, you can ‘Wah’ your way through the solo. That will be superbly insane.

7. Be ultra-confident You might not be too good at this initially and people who do not know and who do not appreciate this high form of art will probably think you’re stupid. Let them. Just remember they’re unfortunately deprived of this electrifying feeling and they just wouldn’t understand. However, this should not stop you from having fun. So go ahead and enjoy yourself! Professional hazards are always there and prevention is better than cure. Here are some warnings:

8. Be aware of your surroundings A live performer needs to be aware and careful of his surroundings and needs to act accordingly. It’s very easy to get drowned in the feelings and lose your senses while air guitar playing. You need to be extra aware of any hazardous material or things like lamps and televisions at home. If you’re prone on tripping over things, the best way is to place a rug or a mattress to cushion your fall. The best way is to find an open area where you can move freely and air guitar the life out of your arms.

9. Stay hydrated Headbanging can also be hazardous. Headbanging can cause nausea and light headedness. So just keep your body hydrated and exercise your neck regularly to avoid fitness problems when you need to be at the top of your game. And most importantly.

10. Move your body It’s not just your fingers that have to move, move your body and get some moves on. You can just air guitar behind your head, pluck with your teeth or do a mid-air spin. If you can’t think of any, watch some Jimi Hendrix or AC/DC videos. At the end, these celestial pleasures will come naturally to you. When you’re tired, just end it on a high note which could be your signature move! What I love to do is smash the guitar. You won’t even have to buy a new one. Perks of being a professional air guitarist. And don’t forget, HAVE FUN!

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