Stay In The Flow When Recording

By November 13, 2015

When you’re recording — especially if you’re recording alone — it can be tempting to stop as soon as you’ve made a mistake, undo the record pass or delete the offending performance, and start again. That takes time, kills the flow, and can diminish inspiration. These days, all DAWs have “cycle” or loop-style record modes, where you can put the application into record and it will keep looping or cycling over the track you are recording, recording a new take with each pass. Rather than stopping and starting over when you flub, put cycle/loop recording to work and try continuing on instead. If you keep going, you’ll remain in the flow. And you never know, you might record something golden further on in the performance. When you cycle around, you’ll get a chance to correct your mistake. There’s no right or wrong way to record, of course, but if you’re used to stopping and re-starting every time you mess up, recording this way is definitely worth a try!

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