Channel Strips

A channel strip is a device that allows the output of an audio device to be amplified to a line level and integrated into some other system. An audio channel strip may be a stand alone unit or one of many units built into a mixing desk. It usually includes a microphone preamp with a switchable phantom power voltage to drive condenser microphones and some form of audio equalization. Some designs also offer other facilities including audio compression, de-essing, noise-gating and limiting.'s selection of quality channel strips is the best and most reliable you'll find anywhere. We back up the products we sell with excellent service and an incredibly knowledgeable staff, so you can be confident that any channel strips question you may have will be answered by experienced professionals who use the gear themselves.'s vast inventory and free shipping on most items mean we can deliver channel strips quickly, at a great value. Look to the friendly pros at BAJAAO to help you shop for channel strips. We sell Channel Strips from Focusrite, Joemeek, Presonus, and more.