Keyboards and Pianos

Keyboards and Pianos

Keyboard and pianos


We ensure you’ll find the latest keyboard and pianos from the top manufacturers like Yamaha, Casio, Akai, Korg, Roland and more. Get the best deals for Keyboards and pianos here at As keyboard technology continues to evolve, we'll help you stay up-to-date with all the latest product innovations in music keyboards and Pianos with our Hands-On reviews. Enjoy the convenience of shopping online and get your rig rock-ready with the ideal production tools!


Keyboards and pianos are a huge family of instruments. Keyboards and pianos come in many varieties, ranging from sizes, shapes and many other features and options. A keyboard like instruments was being played even before the 18th century. But between 18th to 19th century piano came into existence, and later in the 20th century came the modern piano which you see now. And now, keyboard players have tones of options before buying a keyboard or piano online.


Looking at a keyboard or piano, it may seem a tough job to find the best fit. Check out our beginners guide for buying a keyboard and many other such articles like the best keyboard or piano for beginners to gain a deeper knowledge of the keyboard family. These articles will help you narrow down the choices and figure out which features and functions will suit you the best.

Is a keyboard easier than piano?

Directly starting off with a piano can be difficult. It is necessary for students to have both hands coordination, and easier flow of hand movements separately. To have this they are recommended to start with a Keyboard. The keys on the keyboards are softer and make them perfect for practice. Keyboards have piano tones along with 100 different others and touch sensitivity the same as the Piano. Digital Pianos are the less expensive option for the students to start with. Digital pianos have weighted keys which are hard to play for some.


What keyboard is best for beginners?

As we all know, with so many keys, functions and features, it is very difficult to choose a keyboard for beginners. It majorly depends on what you are looking for in a keyboard, as it would be worthless spending more on features and functions which you won’t be needing. For kids, Yamaha Remie PSS E30 is the best option without a doubt. To make your search easier we have sorted a few best keyboards for beginners to buy online.


Should I buy a piano or a keyboard?


If portability and affordability are the main factors then the keyboard is the best. But if you are looking at it as a profession and have enough space then it’s always better to go with a Digital Piano. Also, majorly it depends on if you just want to just play piano songs or record your creation using a keyboard or start experimenting with different genres.


What is a good piano for beginners?

Digital pianos have many affordable options based on their functionality and features they provide. The high-end pianos are used by professionals on stage, including the grandparents of the keyboard family the traditional Grand Pianos. Due to frequently asked questions to recommend the best piano for beginners, listed down a few based on their features and functions.



How much does a beginner piano cost?

Pianos are the expensive piece of a musical instrument; digital pianos are considered to be easier and more accessible for practice. Sometimes Digital Pianos are the only easiest way to go with space in the issue. Digital Pianos these days come preloaded with over 20 to 30 tones for some it goes till 100. To name a few listing down below the best piano for beginners in all price ranges from low to high.


Which is the best portable keyboard?

This list of best keyboards keeps on upgrading every month as new features and technology keeps launching. Portable keyboards are lightweight, easy for transportation from rehearsals to gigs to the studio, unlike pianos. Let’s have a look at the list of best portable keyboards for beginners.

    Which is better keyboard or piano?

    Whether you need a keyboard or a piano this question completely depends on what your music taste is. If you want to play symphonies like Mozart or Beethoven and piano is your thing but if you wish to play some EDM style electronic music, then the keyboard is the only better option you’ve got. The piano is costly and space consuming as compared to keyboards, keyboards are compact enough to fit in any space to travel with. Keyboards have more than 100s of different recorded music instrument sounds, while on the other hand pianos just has its own acoustic sound. Today, we also get Digital Piano which comes loaded with few instruments sounds as well and is compact in size.

    Is 61 key keyboards good for beginners?

    Having a keyboard with 61 keys is a good thing to have. Keyboard are available is many keys option. 61 keys are standard-sized keyboard and are recommended to all beginners. Keyboards below 61 keys are recommended for kids to build up the interest or due to small fingers. The smaller keyboard has less octave which might limit your playability whereas, a 61 keys keyboard can play a complete song with no limitations.

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