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At Bajaao, you'll find an extensive collection of studio monitors, including active and passive models, various sizes, and price ranges. Whether you're setting up your first home studio or upgrading your existing equipment, we have the perfect studio monitor waiting for you.

Studio Monitors FAQs

What are Studio Monitors?

Studio monitors are speakers made for Professional Audio Production, to be used at Home studios or Recording Studios. They are used for editing or post-production of audio for film/television/radio, etc.

Why are Studio Monitors important?

Studio monitors produce a very flat frequency which helps the listener to hear even minor details in the mix. This is important as it helps to not add any unnecessary additional Treble/Bass frequencies.

What are the different types of Studio Monitors?

  1. Active Studio Monitors
  2. Passive Studio Monitors

What is the difference between Active & Passive Studio Monitors?

The primary difference between a passive and an active speaker lies with the amplifier. Active speakers have built-in amplifiers that only require a battery or power source. On the other hand, passive ones need an external power amplifier to function.

How many Watts do you need?

Higher wattage means you’ll be able to hear more transient detail, and you’ll be better able to make precise adjustments to compressors, limiters, and gates.

What are the most popular brands for Studio Monitors?

Some of the most popular brands for Studio Monitors are - Presonus, Kali Audio, Vault, KRK, Mackie, M-Audio, ESI & Adam Audio & Yamaha. 

Which are the Most Popular Studio Monitors?

The best Studio Monitors in Comparision

How Much Does Studio Monitor Speakers Cost?

The price of studio monitor speakers can vary greatly depending on the brand and model. Factors such as size, quality, features, and color may all affect the price. The cost for a monitor speaker starts from Rs. 8000 and goes upto Rs. 1,20,000.

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