Sennheiser Headphones And Earphones

Having established itself over the years as the first brand people think of before shopping for earphones or headphones all over India, Sennheiser has undoubtedly created a mark which is proving to be more or less impossible for any other brand to top. You ask why ? Well Sennheiser gives you numerous reasons some of them being impeccable quality in sound and build both, price range for all of its audience and well ofcourse last but not the least LOOKS !!

Sennheiser is your solution to all the common issues like sound quality, build quality, volume levels etc. Regardless of what price range you select, the headphones will have the perfect levels of ohms and impedance and frequency range and what not. Like they say themselves, “no matter what you expect from earphones or headphones, there is always a Sennheiser for you”.

Some of the best headphones by Sennheriser to look out for in all price range are the HD series ofcourse such as the HD-380 Pro, the HD-205 Closed Back design or the HD-8 headphones. These are affordable with good build quality along with tight mids, bell like highs and aggressive and punchy bass.

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