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By Kailash Pate June 05, 2015

KRK Systems are famous for their precision, design and performance. The company has always focused on the product’s design and have tried to optimize their product’s performance no matter what. Their ideology depicts this easily, “If it's not won't go to market...period!” Needless to say that this is why KRK Systems’ customers agree and adore this ideology and are extremely satisfied with the products! Founded by Keith Klawitter in 1986, who got pretty exasperated even after working as an engineer on films like “The Doors” and “Brainstorm”, because of lack of clarity and accuracy with the monitors he was working one. He came up with his own solution to the problem, with this began the inception of KRK Systems. Nothing drives like passion, and so Keith’s passion for Music and accuracy gave the world the most perfectly designed, high end products to make their world of music an even better place! Although KRK Systems are extremely popular, Bajaao recommends the best of KRK products. If you are looking for performance, standard and precision; KRK ROKIT Series is your picture-perfect partner. Perfectly adequate for recording, mixing, mastering and playback. ROKIT gives a professional performance of high intensity making it accurate for your music.
  • KRK ROKIT 5 GENERATION 3 POWERED STUDIO MONITORS: Consisting 1” soft dome tweeter and 5” glass-Aramid composite woofer, ROKIT 5 G3 delivers as high frequencies up to 35 kHz along with ample vocal clarity and prolonged bass response. The trademarked bi-amped, class A/B amplifier grants SPL up to 106dB. Intended particularly to guarantee detailed imaging in listening position, ROKIT waveguide marks the beginning of marvelous music. Front firing bass port diminishes boundary coupling to allow flexible positioning in the room as the engineered surface diminishes diffraction distortion. Made to fit with any system configuration, ROKIT 5 G3 comes with multiple input connections that makes it easier to use.Other specifications that will catch your eye, ROKIT Mointors are made with meticulousness to be lightweight and durable. Their low-frequency adjustment tailors monitors as per the room acoustics to make the mix even better. The stylish black vinyl wrap makes it a perfect fit for any jam session.
  • KRK ROKIT 6 GENERATION 3 POWERED MONITORS: Successor to the ROKIT 5 G3, comes another masterpiece KRK ROKIT 6 G3, although the specifications are somewhat similar to that of ROKIT 5 G3, however, this product stands out in its own unconventional way. Often in large rooms, small monitors do not provide enough headroom, however ROKIT 6 G3 doesn’t make that mistake. Made specifically to provide enough backup for even larger setups, ROKIT 6 G3 precisely makes it way towards perfection.
  • KRK ROKIT 8 GENERATION 3 POWERED MONITORS: For those who are looking for professional audio spectrum on a budget, KRK ROKIT 8 G3 is the best deal! Not only does this product provide magnificent sound somewhat without the help of sub woofers it also diminishes the cost and need of them. With specifications similar in terms of manufacturing to ROKIT 5 G3 & ROKIT 6 G3, ROKIT 8 G3 swiftly stands out in the most distinctive way giving the users a complete professional & extravagant feel to their jamming sessions!
It is inessential to say, KRK Systems is an exceptionally valuable and compact key for accurate mix, Bajaao definitely recommends KRK ROKIT Series Powered Studio Monitors are perfect to make your mix an accurate, pleasant and sorted experience.

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