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Digital Pianos

What are Digital Pianos?

Digital pianos are the sophisticated versions of the Acoustic Piano. 

Unlike Acoustic Pianos, Digital Pianos have the inbuilt speakers and sounds that replicate and play high-quality sounds of the Acoustic Piano. Both Digital and Acoustic pianos are similar in size but Digital pianos weigh less, come in flexible sizes and are more budget friendly. 

Digital pianos also come with additional features and functions that make the learning & playing process more fun and interesting. 

How many keys to buy in Digital Pianos?

Digital Pianos are popularly available in 88 keys, 76 keys or 61 keys. 

Professional pianists would prefer 88 Keys. However, 61 keys & 76 keys are great for compact spaces or travelling pianists.

What to look for when choosing a Digital Piano?

  • Number of keys (popularly available in 88 keys, 76 keys or 61 keys. 
  • Type of Keys - Hammer-Action Keys/ Weighted keys/ Semi-Weighted Keys
  •  Inbuilt tones & Effects
  • Lesson Mode for Beginner Players

Which are the most popular brands for Digital Pianos?

Some of the most popular & well-known Digital Piano brands for Professionals and Beginners are Yamaha, Casio, Roland, Nord, Artesia, Alesis & Nux

Which are the most popular Digital Pianos?

Some of the most popular Digital Pianos are- 


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