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Audio-Technica ATR1300 Unidirectional Dynamic Microphone

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Engineered for durability, excellent speech intelligibility and reliable performance, the ATR1300 offers full-sounding professional pickup. It is ideal for vocal and instrument miking in performance and practice, and features a unidirectional polar pattern for feedback protection.

Audiotechnica ATR1300 Features:
  • Professional sound quality for vocals & instruments
  • Focused pickup helps prevent feedback
  • Rugged metal construction for long-lasting performance
  • Conveniently-located on/off switch
  • Includes stand clamp & detachable 5 m (16.5') cable (XLR to 1/4" phone plug)

Audiotechnica ATR1300 Specifications:
  • ELEMENT Dynamic
  • POLAR PATTERN Unidirectional
  • FREQUENCY RESPONSE 70 äóñ 12,000 Hz
  • IMPEDANCE 500 ohms
  • WEIGHT 329 g (11.6 oz) without cable
  • CABLE Detachable, replaceable 5 m (16.5') cable (XLR to 1/4")
  • ACCESSORY FURNISHED Adjustable stand clamp

Country of Origin: China

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
It's a product from Audio Technica, that's enough to say the product is perfect.

��� Solid, rugged, premium construction of the body. It has some good weight to it. ��� Audio Technica always makes sure their products sound as true to reality as possible, this one's no exception. ��� Has perfect amount of base, if you want something heavy, you can try the Behringer XM500. But this is as clear and real as it can get. ��� Doesn't have any problems with distortion or noise obviously. ��� Bajaao offers a little lower prices than other popular online stores like Amazon although shipping charges aren't free. Depending on where you live, it can make a little or a huge difference. I've bought this product for Rs. 2089. Please use the offer codes which get sent to your email after you create an account on this site. ��� It's a Unidirectional Dynamic microphone, best for voice-overs, podcasts for a single person, especially in an untreated, noisy environment. If you are looking for a mic to be used for recording multiple audio sources, try a omnidirectional microphone instead. ��� The provided microphone holder will not fit to all the stands out there, although a stand should in general provide a holder which fits. This part of the review depends on when and where you are ordering this product from. ��� PLEASE DON'T ORDER ANYTHING DURING THE PANDEMIC, IT TAKES AGES TO GET TO YOU ��� I've ordered this product on 02/06/2020, I've received it (took it myself from the facility cause they wouldn't deliver) on 20/07/2020. ��� That's a 49 day delivery, Amazing right? Lol I was promised a 15 day delivery, I had to write a crap ton of emails and call FedEx million times to even get noticed by them. ��� This delay caused a lot of discomfort, financially, mentally and messed up my whole plans. Especially in pandemic, it made me wanna kill myself. ��� The FedEx agents are very rude to talk to anyways (they barely speak or understand English) , moreover they handle packages like volleyballs. So yea, there's that. ��� I have received my package which was smashed and damp as a toilet floor. ��� Although the products worked fine. ��� Bajaao, if you are seeing this, you better look into your delivery services, the delivery was pathetic, even stores like Myntra, Amazon, flipkart were delivering anything to anyone's home anywhere in the country. A few pictures are attached to this review to show you the package and the product. (Only the Mic, holder, XLR to quarter inch cable, warranty card are part of this product).

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