Azden FMX-42 4 Channel Portable Mic/Line Mixer

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Azden FMX-42 4 Channel Portable Mic/Line Mixer

The Azden FMX-42 is a portable 4-channel audio mixer designed for professional and semi-professional field audio capturing. The FMX-42 features 4 balanced 3-pin XLR microphone inputs with individually switched +48VDC phantom power. A pair of balanced XLR outputs provide line level signal to cameras recorders, etc. Additional features include a switchable input limiter to reduce the possibility of overload distortion, Left / Center / Right Pan switches on all input channels and enhanced circuitry for improved signal-to-noise ratio. Overall the Azden FMX-42 proves to be an affordable field mixing solution for event videos, ENG / EFP applications, documentaries, and more.

  • Balanced Mic Inputs: The FMX-42 features 4 XLR microphone inputs. The balanced inputs deliver high gain and low noise floor.
  • VU Meters: Dual analog meters provide a comprehensive read on audio level.
  • Balanced Line Level Outputs: Dual balanced line level outputs via XLR male connectors provide balanced audio signal to line level inputs on cameras and additional mixers.
  • 2 Channel Addressable Outputs: Incoming signal from either channel can assigned to either left or right outputs if signal isolation is desired.
  • Input Limiters: Both inputs feature high quality switchable limiters. The limiters protect against peak distortion due to overload.


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