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BAJAAO AviaTrix Sealed MTM Components Only Speaker Kit Pair

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BAJAAO AviaTrix Sealed MTM Components Only Speaker Kit Pair

This AviaTrix Sealed MTM components kit contains everything required to construct the sealed version (L/C/R) of the MTM AviaTrix speaker project. The sealed version of the AviaTrix is recommended for a 15 liter enclosure for center channel or as small mains—the f3 models below 60 Hz, and will integrate well with a subwoofer. The AviaTrix Sealed MTM has adequate bass extension and can be used as a stand alone speaker system for 2-channel music. At the heart of the components kit are two Dayton Audio RS28F-4 1-1/8" silk dome tweeters and four Dayton Audio ND140-8 5-1/4" aluminum cone midbass drivers.

BAJAAO AviaTrix Sealed MTM Features:

  • Superior sound and performance
  • Quality Dayton Audio drivers
  • Advanced, proven crossover design.

BAJAAO AviaTrix Sealed MTM Package Includes:

  • 4 Piece: Dayton ND140-8 5-1/4" Aluminum Cone Midbass Drivers 8 Ohm
  • 2 Piece: Dayton RS28F-4 1-1/8" Silk Dome Tweeters
  • 2 Piece: Dayton DNR-10 10 Ohm 10W Precision Audio Grade Resistors
  • 4 Piece: Dayton DNR-12.5 12.5 Ohm 10W Precision Audio Grade Resistors
  • 4 Piece: 15uF 100V Non-Polarized Capacitors
  • 4 Piece: 500uF 100V Non-Polarized Capacitors
  • 2 Piece: Dayton DMPC-15 15uF 250V Polypropylene Capacitors
  • 2 Piece: 3.0mH 18 AWG I Core Inductors
  • 2 Piece: Jantzen 0.30mH 20 AWG Air Core Inductors
  • 2 Piece: Dayton BPA-38G HD Binding Post Pairs Gold
  • 1 Piece: Acousta-Stuf Polyfill 5 lb. Bag.

Note: Due to component availability, some items may be substituted, however WILL NOT impact the performance of the speaker kit.

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