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Behringer DW400 Dynamic Wah

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Behringer DW400 Dynamic Wah
Advanced DSP technology and tap-tempo mode

Add uniqueness to your guitar’s voice with the Behringer DW400 Dynamic Wah. It glides through the frequency spectrum and boosts only those tones that are specified by you. DW400 also cuts other frequencies so that the specified tone stands out. If you want to accent a particular tone from your electric guitar, simply adjust the settings on Dynamic Wah and experience the outcome.

Automated Wah

With the Behringer DW400 Dynamic Wah, you are only required to input the correct settings and play your guitar. This feature allows you to plan your performance effectively so that you know the exact point where a particular effect begins.

Superior Sound Modelling

There are two dials located at the top, which can be used for generating a distinctive sound effect. The Behringer DW400 features advanced sound modelling with state-of-the-art DSP technology that imitates real-life human voice. The inclusion of sophisticated algorithms emulate real acoustic environments, thus adding an X-factor to your performance.

Intuitive Controls

Its simple controls ensure no hassle when you want to add a certain sound effect on a specific tone. There are three modes, synth/up/down, human voice and tap tempo. Each of these modes play an important role during a live performance. You can adjust the sensitivity of each vowel as per your requirement. The decay control allows you to decide how the generated sound fades before becoming inaudible. You can monitor the functioning of DW400 with the blue LED given at the top.

Powerful Performance In Extreme Pressure Situations

The DW400 features a top-quality on/off switch that ensures maximum signal integrity in bypass mode. The wah runs on a 9V battery and can be powered by Behringer’s separately sold PSU-SB DC power supply.

Durable and Easy on Your Wallet

Not many auto wahs in the market are pocket friendly as the Behringer DW400. Despite the price being low, the DW400 doesn’t stray from the unmatched quality delivers in the end. this auto wah is a perfect choice for an experimental guitarist who wants quality at a reasonable price. Its rugged construction protects the internal circuitry and maintains its proper functioning for years to come


  • Combination of Real Sound Modeling (RSM) and DSP technology with sophisticated algorithms emulates real acoustic environments
  • Manually controllable sound effects grant freedom when making subtle changes
  • Simple controls convenient sound shaping
  • Time, Tone, and Level controls for easy sound shaping
  • Ideal for both professional sound engineers and talented-novices
  • Blue LED light notifies the power and battery status
  • 9 volt battery compatible and also runs on PSU-SB DC power supply (sold separately)
  • Excellent signal integrity in bypass mode thanks to superior-quality on-off switch
  • Rugged construction for maintaining proper functioning
  • Priced at a very reasonable cost


  • Includes: Auto-Wah/Human Voice Effects Pedal and On/Off Switch
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