Behringer HM300 Heavy Metal Guitar Effects Pedal

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Behringer HM300 Heavy Metal Effects Pedal Guitar Effects Pedal
Designed to provide thick sounds with excellent sustain

Get your patrons to thump their feet to some hard rock or heavy metal with the Behringer HM300 Effects Pedal. It is powered by high-gain circuitry for producing beefy sound effects and obtaining enhanced sustain. The HM300 produces the distortion patterns typical of the music of the 1980s.Spice up the next jam session with this effects pedal, and you are sure to take a leap towards success. The Behringer HM300 Effects Pedal has been designed to enhance your performance whether you are playing solo or in an ensemble.

Pump Up the Jam

Distortion can be used to your advantage with the Behringer HM300 Effects Pedal. The distortion effect was considered unpleasant once upon a time but was soon recognized as a ‘source of sustain’. This realization revolutionized guitar playing styles and gave rise to distortion pedals. The Behringer HM300 Effects Pedal represents this shift and is therefore a must-have for solo guitarists who want to extract the sustain produced by wind instruments out of their own guitars. If you wish to discover the wonders of distortion, the HM300 is a fitting choice.

Powerfully Distorted

The specialized circuit design of the Behringer HM300 Effects Pedal translates into thick, beefy sounds with interminable sustain. Therefore, if you believe only high-gain amplifiers produced slicing guitar tones, think again. Optimize your performance with the two-band equalizer and the dedicated Level and Distortion Controls and make the most of this marvellous device. It is time to join the likes of AC/DC, Angel Witch, and Aerosmith in creating ‘distorted rock anthems’ with this effects pedal.

Pierce through the Stage

Behringer HM300 Effects Pedal helps you achieve the perfect tone to create the desired impact on stage. The resultant sound is characterized by intense rhythm chops. You can tailor your guitar’s tone with the controls provides by this effects pedal. It accommodates a wide range of metal moods from crisp to brooding. This enables you to experiment with an array of playing styles, which in turn highlights your versatility as a guitarists. The HM300 is powered by a 9V battery or BEHRINGER PSU-SB DC power supply. The status of the device (active or off) is indicated by an LED to help you monitor the ‘health’ of the battery or power supply from time to time.

Trust Matters

The Behringer HM300 Effects Pedal is manufactured using efficient methods with adherence to enhanced production workflows. It is an epitome of precision in design, a characteristic of German engineering. The HM300 is backed up by a three-year warranty programme. Power up your performance with this man-made marvel to expand your fan base.


  • Brings the sought-after hard rock/heavy metal distortion of the 1980s to the stage
  • Ultra-high gain circuitry to give you thick, beefy distortion with endless sustain
  • Dedicated Distortion, 2-band EQ, and Level controls for accurate sound shaping
  • Status LED for effect on/off and battery check
  • Runs on 9V battery or the BEHRINGER PSU-SB DC power supply (not included)
  • On/Off switch for superior signal integrity in bypass mode


  • Includes: Status LED and On/Off Switch
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