Behringer PB1000 Mega Pedalboard with Power Supply for Guitar Effect Pedals

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Behringer PB1000 Mega Pedalboard with Power Supply for Guitar Effect Pedals
Accommodates up to 12 effects pedals to be at your disposal for your next big concert

Put your ‘pedals’ to the (heavy) metal in the literal sense with the Behringer PB1000 Mega Pedalboard. This amazing accessory has been designed to enhance your rock performance given that it makes a number of pedal types available at your ‘toe’ tips. Thus, you can devote all your attention to your beloved guitar without having to worry about the quality of the output. This pedal board is accompanied by a power supply and ample cables for connecting up to 12 devices. The cover can be locked for enhanced security during travel. Wait no further. Welcome the PB1000 into your collection to make the most of your precious guitar.

Connect the Dots

The Behringer PB1000 Mega Pedalboard is intended for accommodating twelve 2.5" × 4.5" effects pedals. Its foam pads offer you sufficient flexibility to snip them in order to make room for various shapes. The 1/4" patch cables allow for interconnection of the pedalsso that they power up instantly when you are required to perform an impromptu gig. Thanks to the daisy-chining cabling provision, all your pedals can be activated all at once with the 1.7A power supply. This accessory helps you bring all your pedals on to a common platform, which in turn saves you the effort of scanning across your gear collection to find the one most suited to your needs. Such an arrangement is even pleasing to look at, as it helps you calm your nerves while you are switching between tasks during your performance.

Inside Out

The Behringer PB1000 Mega Pedalboard is a versatile accessory in that it helps you connect a number of instruments, from a guitar to a keyboard, through the 1/4" input socket. You can tether stereo effects via the “From Effects” jacks. The “Output to Amp” transmit left and right stereo signals to a maximum of two amplifiers.

Protection Assured

The Behringer PB1000 Mega Pedalboard is constructed from rigid plastic for durability. This marvellous accessory is, therefore, capable of withstanding the impact of shocks and bumps and is a must-have for travelling musicians. With locks, you can add an additional layer of protection.

The Best of German Engineering

The Behringer PB1000 Mega Pedalboard has been designed with adherence to stringent quality standards using sophisticated automation techniques.


  • Compact, lightweight pedal board for transporting up to 12 effects pedals
  • Powered by a 1.7A adapter—includes all cabling
  • Constructed from rigid, impact-resistant plastic
  • 1/4" ‘From Effects’ jacks for connection of stereo effects
  • Two 1/4" ‘Output to Amp’ jacks for transmission of stereo signals to up to two amps


  • Includes: Generous 1.7 A Power Adapter(powering more than 12 devices) and All Cabling
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