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Behringer PH9 Phaser

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Behringer PH9 Phaser
Offers both vintage and modern phasing characters

Revive the music of the 1970s with the Behringer PH9 Phaser. This phase-shifting device embellishes your compositions with the phaser effect, which is sure to keep your audience enchanted throughout your performance. The PH9 is well-suited for use in both studio and stage environments. With a turn of a knob, you can introduce warm, peppy phasing tones to spruce up your performance. The PH9 phaser features a robust chassis and is therefore capable of standing the test of rugged use. This device is a must-have for globe-trotting musicians.

It’s All About Control

The Behringer PH9 Phaser adds a unique flavour to the melodies you compose on your beloved guitar. The Rate control knob enables you to make slow and rapid sweep adjustments in the edge frequency. This provision lends you the ability to experiment with a wide range of genres from country music to rockabilly. The PH9 Phaser caters to the requirements of heavy metal enthusiasts as well. The Swirl switch lets you alternate between vintage and modern phaser tones. Bring the classic tones of the 1970s to your patrons with this phase-shifting pedal to make to the rock Hall of Fame with the likes of Eddie Van Halen, who popularized the marvels of phasers by using them to create the ‘brown sound’ in his legendary piece Eruption.

Connections and More

The Behringer PH9 Phaser is your best bet if you wish to thicken the sound produced by your guitar. It lends sufficient depth to the guitar’s tone without fluctuating highs and lows. This phaser features one input and output jack for connection of the guitar and feeding the resultant signal to an amplifier, respectively. The PH9 is energized by a 9V battery or the Behringer PSU-SB DC power supply. The LED glows when the effects pedal is engaged. It features a bypass circuitry for superior signal integrity.


  • Superior, classic 90-degree phase shifting accommodating spacey warbles to articulate hypnotic swirls
  • Dedicated Swirl switch for vintage and modern phaser tones
  • Input and output jacks for connection to the guitar and amp, respectively
  • Rate knob controls the speed of the effect
  • Status LED for indication of effect on/off and battery status
  • Hard-wire bypass for superior signal integrity
  • Runs on 9 V battery or the Behringer PSU-SB DC power supply (not included)
  • Designed and engineered in Germany


  • Includes: Dedicated Swirl Switch and Status LED
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