Behringer Powerplay P16I 16-Channel 19" Input Module

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  • Behringer Powerplay P16I 16-Channel 19" Input Module with Analog and ADAT Optical Inputs

    Behringer's Powerplay P16-I input module is an easy and affordable way to distribute up to 16 channels of audio for Behringer's Powerplay P16-M personal mixers (sold separately). The P16-I gives you 16 balanced TRS analog inputs and 16 ADAT optical inputs that you can distribute to six Powerplay P16-M personal mixers over simple ethernet cables. And because of the digital connection to the mixers, you'll enjoy low-noise audio no matter how far the mixers are from the P16-I! If you need a monitoring system with flexible I/O and a ton of functionality for your band, church, school, or theater, you need the Behringer Powerplay P16-I input module.

    Lots of I/O

    It's easy to connect your audio to the Powerplay P16-I input module. Choose from balanced TRS analog inputs or ADAT optical inputs for up to 16 channels of distributed audio. The P16-I is ideal for recording studios that need an efficient way to manage personal monitoring, as well as larger stage productions and performances.

    Digital convenience

    The Behringer P16-I input module connects to your P16-M personal mixers with simple ethernet cables, making it easy to get up and running. You can run the ethernet cables long distances from the P16-I to your mixers without negatively affecting your audio.

    Ideal for permanent installation

    Whether you run a studio, manage a performance theater, or run sound at your church, you'll love how easy it is to integrate the Behringer P16-I into your installation. Its 1U rackmountable design saves space, and its digital connectivity allows you to run long cables to and from the P16-I without degrading your audio quality.

    Behringer Powerplay P16 - I Input Module Features:

    • Easy and affordable way to distribute up to 16 channels of audio
    • Your choice of analog or digital inputs for convenience
    • Rackmountable 1U design makes it ideal for permanent installation
    • Accommodates up to six Powerplay P16-M personal mixers
    • Digital connectivity for low-noise audio.