Blackstar HT-Drive Tube Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal

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  • Blackstar HT-Drive Tube Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal

    The HT-DRIVE guitar pedal has dual cascaded, high voltage, triode stages which deliver gain from warm boost to screaming valve saturation. The unique 'A-Class' tone control cuts the fizz without making your 'backed-off' tone sound dull and lifeless. Add to this a no-compromise speaker emulated output and you have the ultimate overdrive pedal.

    Operates at 300V HT

    The HT-DRIVE pedal operates on a 300V DC anode supply voltage (High Tension voltage). This is the same used in traditional valve amplifier design and means the circuit has all the compression and distortion characteristics associated with a true valve amp design and therefore 'cleans up' in the same way when you back off the volume on your guitar.

    Unique 'Class A' Tone Control

    Our 'A-Class' tone control was inspired by our research into the high frequency power amplifier response of Class A amps. Its unique design always retains your guitars natural character and ensures your 'backed off' tone is never dull and lifeless.

    Valve Drive

    The high voltage valve design in the HT-DRIVE ensures the pedal has true valve dynamics and feel. The two cascaded ECC83 triode stages for gain from warm boost to screaming saturation.

    Speaker Emulated Output

    The Blackstar emulated output design is a new benchmark for pro direct recording. This no-compromise design makes it easy to get your tone disk and tape. You can also use it to run a line out to a PA.

    Rugged Design

    All Blackstar pedals are subjected to extensive laboratory and road testing to ensure that they are truly uncompromising in terms of reliability, quality and above all tone. You can throw them in the van and take them on the road and not have to worry.

    High Integrity Buffered Bypass

    The HT-DRIVE's buffered bypass signal means there are no problems presented by driving long cable runs or chains of other effects.

    Silent Switching

    Many hours of research showed us that only soft switching and a buffered bypass signal will give absolutely silent switching in high gain applications.

    Blackstar HT-Drive Features:


    • Genuine valve design
    • Operates at 300V HT
    • Cascaded valve gain stages
    • Responds like a valve amp
    • Unique 'AClass' tone control
    • Fully equipped for stage or studio
    • Speaker emulated output
    • High integrity buffered bypass
    • Silent switching
    • Power supply included.


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