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Cherub WSI-30 Harmonic Ear Training Simulator

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  • Cherub WSI-30 Harmonic Ear Training Simulator

    Harmonic Ear Training with pitch testing and sight singing exercises.

    Cherub WSI-30 Features:

    • Flat/Sharp sound tuning
    • Humanized software designed to make practice more convenient.
    • Auto-off function. The machine will automatically turn off after 5 minutes of inactivity.
    • Saves settings upon power-off.

    Cherub WSI-30 Specifications:

    • Tuning range:A0(27.5Hz)~C8(4186Hz)
    • Tuning precision: ±1 cent
    • Musical scale precision:±0.5 cent
    • A4 range: 430~450Hz
    • Detection Method: Mic
    • Display mode: LCD Display
    • Power supply: 3V DC(2xAAA)batteries or DC 6V
    • Dimensions: 70(W)x23(D)x115(H)mm
    • Weight: 100g.

    Musical scale mode: 24 major and minor scales, Chromatic scale

    • Major Scale: C C# D E♭ E F F# G A♭ A B♭ B
    • Minor Scale: a a# b c c# d d# e f f# g g#
    • Chromatic scale: C  #C  D ♭E  E F  #F  G #G  A ♭B B C.


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