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Cort X Series X-11 Electric Guitar

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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Dorjee Lepcha
It's still worth it👍🏼

This is the first guitar I bought ( it was 10 yrs ago), soon after I bought it I recorded a song a month later. The results were awesome, the guitars playability challenges Ibanez (in that price range) I'm still using it, recently lost my whammy bar while shifting to a diff. place. My sincere thought is that the guitar will accompany you in every stages of ur playing. It hasn't given me a problem till date. I use other guitars too. But cort's x11 never made me sad:)

Monideep Goswami
Don't let the looks fool you

This is a decent guitar with great looks. The coil tap feature is great for clean overdrive sounds. However, the materials used in the tremolo system and the locking nuts are bad. I had to replace the tone pod as it went bad within a year. This guitar cannot compete with my other guitar (Ibanez grg 170dx) for heavy distortion sounds, it just sounds bad. Buy it if you want a decent beginner electric guitar with good looks, however I would still recommend the Ibanez grg 170dx over this.

M-PC Builds
It's a very nice guitar.

It is the best introduction to floyd rose guitars. Locking is great. Stays in tune well. Never had to use the fine tuners. It looks gorgeous. I recommend it to anyone who is looking for a good starting Floyd Rose guitar. Only cons is that it takes more effort to restring than the normal fixed bridges and tremolos without locking. So it is not recommended for absolute beginner in a guitar. But still I recommend one for everyone for that sick Whammy which makes the crowd go nuts.

Best buy in this price range

I have been using this guitar for live gigs as well as recordings. Emg pickups sounds great with distortion and the floyd rose works well.The thin neck design helps playing fast solos.

Its bad

I didn't like it that much

Nice looks

I haven't bought this guitar yet but I have seen the video demonstration of this guitar and I hope its nice. Actually I am doing Rock school guitar course and I am on the 2nd grade, soon I will get upgraded to 3rd grade and on that grade an electric guitar is a must and I am in search of an affordable an good electric guitar with the kits like Guitar cover, tuner, Picks etc. So, Is this guitar good and perfect for me?? Because I have seen many good reviews about this guitar and on November or December of this year I will be upgraded from my acquostic guitar to a new electric...I hope its nice...the looks are just illuminating me...Is this guitar good for me???

Kshitij Deotale
Versatile , good built and affordable

I am having this from 2 months in black color. Its not complete black and gives little algae green look. Just need a little bridge adjustment as its floydrose its hectic but i m used to. stays in very well tune with normal use of whammy 9/10 .. minor tuners are smooth and responsive 8/10.Build is good ,little heavy than other guitars.Pickups - EMG very tonal and versatile in all three positions. Coil taping is very remarkable. Dont expect fenders single coil tone from it but near to it 7/10. Humbucker mode very good one 9/10.2 and 4 th position really gives that strat sound 9/10.Middle pickup too tonal 7/10 and lacks that feel/punch still not crap and give good cleans.. believe me as others are saying this.Good bass response as having combination of FMT and basswood 9/10.Volume 9/10 and tone knob 7/10 also responsive enough. Fretboard is flat profile ... fender users dont like this....and neck is very thin and fast 9/10.Jack hole is very tight at first, so dont panic.. just apply little More effort . its normal MONO NOT STERIO jack.Use strap lock belt as this heavy beast will surely tear out the leather belts.Strap locks - good 8/10.Overall a little expensive guitar giving you marvels out of it. Good for hard rock and Metal , still you can play any styles out of it. Its very responsive to a little pinch as well, so beginner think twice before you go 0on stage with this. those who like VERY normal organic-soothing clean sound , don't go for this.

Rohit Arya
A masterpiece

I had this guitar for over 2 months now and let me tell you that this thing is loaded with features that will suffice most of your needs. Beautifully built, the fret board and neck are very smooth and offers a very good control of fingers when playing fast. In short, I would recommend this guitar to anyone who is willing to upgrade from their current guitar.