Dean Markley 2513 Electric Guitar Strings - Helix HD 10-46

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Dean Markley 2513 Helix HD Electric Guitar Strings, 10-46

The Dean Markley Helix HD electric guitar strings provide a smoother feel and a brighter, more resonant tone than any other string. As a matter of fact, the Helix HD is the most innovative break-through in string technology since the beginning of stringed instruments! To make the Helix HD, the patent-pending, Hyper-Elliptical Winding process took over a year of many trials to find just the precise elliptical shape for the winding wire. This shape then had to be paired with the correct winding process that would produce these stupendous results-the maximum mass for the string’s diameter that still maintained the string’s vibrancy.

Dean Markley 2513 Features:

  • Helix strings represent a giant leap forward in the evolution of string technology
  • Patent-pending Elliptical Winding process brings new life to your music
  • Made of 8% nickel-plated steel, wrapped over tinned mandolin wire hex-core
  • Ingeniously twisted to create more mass with a smoother feel, producing enhanced tone, sustain, and longevity
  • A smoother feel, and a richer, more resonant tone that is unrivalled by conventional strings
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