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DigiTech Vocalist LIVE 5 Vocal Harmony and Effects Processor

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  • BAJAAO India presents the DigiTech Vocalist LIVE 5 Vocal Harmony and Effects Processor.

    The Vocalist Live 5 adds up to three additional warm, natural-sounding harmonies to your lead vocals. The Live 5 automatically follows your vocals and chord progression using patented musIQ technology so you don't have to program a song's key or key changes. Just step on the footswitch while you're playing to fill the room with pitch-perfect backup vocals. You can even have the harmonies sound male or female, and increase their human factor for an organic, realistic sound.

    The Live 5 also keeps your song right on target with built-in pitch correction and a variety of useful and intuitive effects like warmth, compression, a noise gate and a two-band EQ. Add in reverb, delay, and a built-in tuner, and you've got an indispensable tool that will have you turning heads and inspiring applause like never before.

    DigiTech Vocalist LIVE 5 Gives You More

    • Intelligent 4-part harmony, your voice plus 3 more
    • Vocal effects: up to 5 parameters of Preamp, compressor/gate, lead effects, harmony, reverb, echo/delay
    • Guitar effects: Reverb, Chorus, Flange
    • Mix Vocal, Harmony and guitar effects
    • Gender controls allows you to give the harmonies a male or female voice
    • Humanize adjust the natural sound of the harmonies from loose to tight
    • 100 Presets to save vocal effects and harmony settings, each with an A and B parts for quick, easy changes on-stage
    • Real-time Chromatic Pitch Correction
    • Built-in Guitar Tuner
    • Updated industrial design with 5 metal vacuum switches
    • Staggered button footswitch layout – footswitches are staggered on 2 tier making it easier to use on stage, ensuring you don't hit the wrong button.

    DigiTech Vocalist LIVE 5 Features:

    • Automatically follows your guitar chords to generate the correct vocal harmonies using musIQ
    • Add up to 4 additional voices of harmony
    • Gender control allows you to give the harmonies a male and/or female voice
    • Humanize adjusts the natural sound of the harmonies from loose to tight
    • Adjustable/Natural sounding, real-time pitch correction
    • Add different kinds of vocal effects from radio, delay, distortion, and more.
    • Staggered button footswitch layout
    • 5 metal vacuum switches
    • Sturdy and durable black metal chassis
    • Bright, easy-to-read LED display
    • 100 Presets
    • A/B Patch per preset
    • A/B Patch footswitch
    • Built-in Guitar Tuner.
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