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DiMarzio DP123BK Bass Guitar Pickup - Model J

Shop Brand : DiMarzio

  • The Dimarzio Model J bass pickup is designed to deliver the signature warmth and roundness of the famous Fender Jazz Bass sound. Yet, it offers increased power plus hum-cancellation, which work together to really emphasize your instrument's resonant character. Thanks to the DiMarzio Model J's sensitivity and deep tone, it's also a great choice for fretless basses - you can achieve everything from tight punch to a more woody voice by just adjusting your bass's tone control. This is a neck and bridge set of DiMarzio Model J bass pickups.

    • Set of neck and bridge bass pickups
    • Color: Black
    • Delivers warmth and roundness
    • Hum cancellation
    • Wiring: 4 Conductor
    • Magnet: Ceramic
    • Output: 150
    • DC Resistance: 6.73

    DiMarzio Tone Guide:
    • Treble: 4
    • Mid: 5
    • Bass: 6

    The DiMarzio Model J pickups give your bass "oomph" plus a huge variety of tones!

    DiMarzio guitar pickups give you the tone and output you need to get the most out of your guitar. Dozens of guitar legends have used DiMarzio pickups in their prized instruments, from Joe Satriani and Steve Vai to David Gilmour and Eric Johnson, Jerry Garcia to John Petrucci - the list goes on and on. Ever since the introduction of the Super Distortion humbucker in the early 1970s, players have relied on DiMarzio for a range of replacement pickups that suit their needs best. Take your axe to the next level with DiMarzio!

    Tech Specifications:

    Type  J Style
    Active/Passive  Passive
    Magnet Material  Ceremic
    Position  Multiple
    Number of Conductors  4
    Manufacturer Part Number  DP123BK


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