Dw Drum Workshop Collectors Series Concrete Snare Drum

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Drum Workshop Collectors Series Concrete Snare Drum

DW has just released their newest CollectorÕs Series Snare Drum. This shell is unlike anything youÕve ever heard before for the simple reason that it is the first of itÕs kind. This beauty is a solid concrete snare. ThatÕs right, we said concrete! This totally new concept not only opens us up to a whole new world of sound, but further solidifies DWÕs reputation as the industries leader in innovation.

This 5.5mm cast shell has a unique sound unlike anything youÕve ever heard before. This drum is sharp and crisp with tons of volume. ItÕs dry with focused, controlled sound while still having some natural overtones and nuances that make it extremely alive and vibrant. The dual 45 degree bearing edges make this drum loud and resonant while also giving it some extra articulation. Ghost notes become clear as a bell and rim shots hit you like a shotgun blast to the chest.
This snare also features a MAG throw-off with a 3-point butt-plate. This guarantees youÕll have the perfect snare tension every time you sit behind the kit. This particular drop throw-off features a magnetic latch that guarantees it will stand up to the heaviest of hitters, and only come undone when you want it too. This Snare also features DWÕs signature turret lugs, and true-hoops. All hardware is finished in a satin chrome finish to give it a unique look that matches the shell. This drum is versatile enough to be used in any scenario, so whether youÕre playing Rock, Jazz, Latin, Hip-Hop, R&B or anything in between this snare is guaranteed to be a main stay in your set up.