Dw Drum Workshop Performance 8ó?x14ó? Steel Snare Drum

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With a thin 1mm rolled steel shell and sleek, chrome-plated finish, the DW Performance 8Óx14Ó Steel Snare Drum is an all-around jack-of-all-trades that looks fantastic behind any drum set. It has some of the ÔpingÕ of brass but with a more metallic quality with no unwanted overtones, just plenty of cut and crack. Performance Series steel snare drums possess incredible volume, especially in this 8Ó, and sensitivity thatÕs surprising in a snare drum of this size.

DW Performance 8Óx14Ó Steel Snare Drum Features:

¥ The DW ÔMAGÕ throw-off snare strainer for precise snare tension.

¥ DWÕs ÔTrue PitchÕ tension rods with finer threading for greater tuning precision.

¥ Heavy-gauge steel triple-flange drum hoops.

¥ DWÕs unique drum heads manufactured by Remo USA.

¥ Fully chrome-plated 1mm steel shell and all hardware.

More about ÒMAGÓ !

The DW ÔMAGªÕ Throw-Off - A purposefully simple design, the MAGª is a workhorse drop throw-off with horizontal tension adjustment and smooth, easy-adjust action. It gets its name from a clever magnet that's integrated into the body of the throw-off. When the handle is in the up position, it wonÕt release without a slight tug. When it does release it throws the strainer completely off the head to avoid any strainer buzz.


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